A friendly family church for you!

Just three blocks from the Avenue of the Arts (South Broad Street) is our friendly family church. We are a small congregation where everyone is known by name. A place where you can belong!

The Word of God is our foundation, source and purpose. The Word of God is our joy, strength and impetus. We exist that the Word of God may be manifest through us. Come let us praise the Lord together!


2 responses to “A friendly family church for you!

  1. I am wondering which blogging and site-building platform you might be running?
    I’m new to blogging and have been thinking about using the Vox platform. Do you think this is a good platform to start with? I would be very thankful if I could ask you some questions through e-mail so I can learn a bit more prior to getting started. When you have some free time, please get in touch with me at: ashley_tang@gmail.com. Thanks alot 🙂

    • Hi Ashley,
      You posted a comment on our blog almost two years ago. Thank you for your interest. I pray that you have answered your own question regarding blogging by now. I barely got this one off the ground but I had a lot of help from a friend who held a workshop.

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