A friendly family church for you!

Just three blocks from the Avenue of the Arts (South Broad Street) is our friendly family church. We are a small congregation where everyone is known by name. A place where you can belong!

The Word of God is our foundation, source and purpose. The Word of God is our joy, strength and impetus. We exist that the Word of God may be manifest through us. Come let us praise the Lord together!


2 responses to “A friendly family church for you!

  1. Barbara Workma-Everett

    Hi everyone: I would like to send everybody a warm and heartfelt hello. This is Barbara Workman-Everett. I am doing well and would like to thank everyone for the kind wishes. Rev. Golback and Sis Conway I LOVE both of you. I did receive your voice mail and it brought tears to my eyes. So much is going on. I do planned to come back. My heart is with MY church (FCWMC), Rev Golback I miss you also, your smile and that heartfelt HUG. Thanks for all the praying that’s coming from the church, I can fell it.. I tried to sign on to the (for members only page) but I don’t have a sign on ID. Maybe if I come to church I’ll know whats going on (smile).My email is (workman841@aol.com) I would like to talk to Rev. Goldback one on one .

    Sis Barabara

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